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About Royale Cajon

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ROYALE CAJON is the FIRST and the BEST brand that produces and distribute Cajon boxes in Indonesia.  Home based in Jakarta. Since 2009 weve been making cajon box and sold them through out the country and even abroad. Since then, thousands of Royale Cajon Boxes has been sold and our name has become a chosen brand amongs musicians (beginner and professional) for best quality cajons.

In Indonesia it self, ROYALE CAJON is the pioneer on making cajon as one of the essential part of instrument in an acoustic musical set up as the BEAT MAKER. Our goal is to provide musicians with a good sounded and high quality cajon with an AFFORDABLE price. Designed by Musicians and use by serious and even learning Musicians.
As WIKIPEDIA explained, A cajón (Spanish pronunciation: [kaxon], "crate," "drawer," or "box") is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front face (generally thin plywood) with the hands. The cajón is the most widely used Afro-Peruvian musical instrument since the late 18th century. Slaves of West and Central African origin in the Americas, specifically Peru, are considered to be the source of the cajón drum; though the instrument is common in musical performance throughout the Americas. In Cuba, in the 20th century the cajón is associated with the Afro-Cuban drum/song/dance style known as rumba, while in Peru it is associated with several Afro-Peruvian genres.

Today, the cajón is heard extensively in Cuban, Coastal Peruvian or Musica criolla musical styles: Tondero, Zamacueca and Peruvian Waltz, modern Flamenco and certain styles of modern Rumba. The cajón was introduced into flamenco in the 1970s by guitarist Paco de Lucía. While in Peru, he was given the cajón by percussionist Caitro Soto. In the Paco de Lucia sextet, the cajón is played by Brazilian percussionist Rubem Dantas. The modern cajón is often used to accompany the acoustic guitar and is showing up on worldwide stages in contemporary music.

Besides its standard use, the cajon has been played in a variety of ways, according to the influences it has been under over time. Since it has been widely spread across the world, not only percussionists, but also other musicians have begun to play the cajon. The instrument has been played not only with hands, but also with plastic and metal brushes, as normally used for drums. Another way of playing the cajon is to use an ordinary bass drum pedal, thus turning the cajon into an indirect percussion instrument. This enables the player to beat it just like a pedal-bass-drum, but it also restricts the player's standard position. In February 2008, the Italian percussionist Ovidio Venturoso invented and patented an apparatus for playing the cajon both with hands and a pedal, without changing the standard position.

Consequently, a player can use both hands and feet and gain greater scope for artistic expression.

In the Philippines, it has ushered a new breed of percussionists in the "acoustic" club circuit.

In 2008, Indonesian musician began to use cajon in a more modern musical genre. And it is often use in an acoustic (unplugged) sessions. And in 2009 the cajon began reached its popularity amongst working musicians until today.

Back then it is difficult to find the instrument sold at Indonesian Music Store. Most musicians at the time got their cajon from other neighbouring countries such as Phillipines, Thailand etc.

Based on that fact, Royale Cajons Founder decided to make a company, a brand that provides good quality cajon for musicians who is in need of a good sounded cajon with a reasonable price.
Affiliated with a company who is experienced on making great percussions instrument from outside of Indonesia, Royale Cajon developed a line of cajon box with a continous research and development, determined to make great instruments for Indonesia and the WORLD.

Royale Cajon Jakarta Indonesia
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